'Bump Map' Image Sample to Height Adjusted Surface (how to smooth result?)

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I’ve got a script that is sampling an image (attached) and creating a surface. The desired result is for the pattern to be effectively ‘carved out’ with a continuous profile. It’s working ok, but the result is quite ‘spikey’!

Does anyone have any idea how to ‘smooth’ the result to make the profile a bit more consistent?

Any ideas very much appreciated!

235_GH_COMP_ImageBumpScript_R00.gh (2.3 MB)

If you don’t mind to get a mesh result instead of surface, you’ll be able to remove that “spikyness” by usingSmooth Mesh.

235_GH_COMP_ImageBumpScript_R00_re.gh (2.3 MB)


Thanks for your response, Kim - always there with a solution :grinning:

I’m going to check it out …