Creating a surface from two profile curves

I’m trying to figure out how to create a surface (an approximation of a phone) from two cross-section curves – the ‘front’ and the ‘right’ cross-section. See below:

I’ve tried most of the loft and sweep commands, but none of them seem to generate the surface that I’m looking for. I just want the cross-section of one curve, using the shape of the other closed curve as the ‘amplitude’ of the first curve.


Hi Nathan - that is unlikely to be one surface, but rather a ‘polysurface’ made up of several smaller surfaces edge to edge. But there is more - for example, are you envisioning this as a rectangular thing, viewed from the top, and if so are the corners hard or round? The two different profiles you show will not meet cleanly on a mitered corner, so there is more to sort out than it may look like at first…


or just take an ellipsoid and start stretching :wink: