Create surface from "forking" cross-section curves

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a closed surface representation of an object of which I only have horizontal cross section curves.
Normally, that sounds like a lofting/sweeping job, but there is a little catch:
Near the top of the model, multiple cross section curves exist at the same height, because the object has “bumps” on the top.
Since my data is fairly complicated, I made a simplified model of the principal problem (red line roughly outlines where how the surface should go):

I tried to assist with a second set of radially aligned contour curves in order to use NetworkSrf, but this produced ugly creases in the center of the model.
For this simple model, I might also be able to loft each part individually (although I wouldn’t know how to combine them afterwards), but since my actual data has a lot of these bumps, I more general approach would be helpful.

Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

example.3dm (28.1 KB)

I’d do it like this…

example_BrianJ.3dm (1.4 MB)

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