Creating a surface design for cups

Hello, are there tutorials to create surface design on cups like these? Would like to learn to create these and make a mold.

Here’s some examples:
Link: Kenny Sing on Instagram: "Turning a digital 3D model into a ceramic cup. This process involves using a resin printer to print a mold that will eventually be produced in plaster. The 3d print is covered in silicone which creates a rubber mother mold in which plaster can be poured to make plaster clones of the original 3d print. The molds are made out of plaster so that they absorb water out of the liquid clay, depositing a solid wall of clay where the liquid clay touches the plaster. The longer the liquid clay is in the mold, the thicker the walls become. The clay is poured out a soon as the wall reaches the desired thickness. #pottery #clay #ceramics #slipcasting #design #graphicdesign #3dprinting #anycubic #moldmaking #art #modernart #handmade #howto #blender"

Link: Curt Hammerly on Instagram: "Casting the newest mug. This years biggest jump forward design wise. It definitely makes me wanna push in some different directions soon. I have some exciting ideas. We will see in the next month if my 3d modeling skills can keep up!"

Thank you!

I’ve made cup-like objects with patterns similar to some of these. The way I did it was fairly simple - I just created the texture flat and then turned on history and used FlowAlongSrf. This way, I could modify the original using cageedit and the applied texture would update. I don’t have any tutorials though.