Problems with Surface Creation

Im trying to build a coffee cup but im struggling with the surface creation.
Each time i trying to create an error pops up and saying NetworkSrf Sorting Problem. Can someone help me with some tough to guide me.
Thanks alot

Cup.3dm (498.3 KB)

Hi Joao - use the Revolve command for this - make one profile and Revolve it on the centerline of the cup. I’ll make you an example in a moment.

Cup_PG.3dm (160.0 KB)


Hi Pascal.

Thanks for helping me but the revolve command its not the best in this case because the cup its not fully round, the cup have 4 corners, and i have to respect that exact measure in all of the cup lines.


Here is some image of the cup form. As you can see not fully rounded.

Thanks again for responding in my aid.