Kangaroo physics for form finding

Hi All,

I just posted a video tutorial on how I modeled the sake set below using Kangaroo in Grasshopper and a few Rhino 7 tricks to get back to NURBS. Enjoy!



Fantastic tutorial Brian, thank you for sharing.

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Thanks and you’re welcome! I printed the prototypes of this model over the weekend too, next step is to make a plaster mold for slip casting in porcelain :slight_smile:


Wonderful Brian, keep us posted !

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this was an amazing tutorial. thanks so much for doing it.

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Thanks @graz ! I’m glad you liked it.

What kind of printer is this?


Yes, I used a water soluble UV resin made by Elegoo on a Photon Mono X printer from AnyCubic. I previously used a Formlabs printer but it failed me and the company wouldn’t help me fix it. The Photon Mono X is so much less expensive and you can use any resin you want. So far so good with this machine but resin printing is messy so keeping it separate from living areas is important IMO.

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“Formlabs printer but it failed me and the company wouldn’t help me fix it”

Yeah, one reason, I no longer give money to companies that play nice before taking the money, and then bail out on the very customers that help them grow. I understand that being ungrateful is a human characteristic, so no surprise from that angle.

Nice work! did you consider some translucent material or do you have any plans on making the finish look like your renders?

By the way, Thank you for all the tutorials you produce!

Thanks! I’m learning ceramics on the side these days so the plan is to make the molds (WIP) > slip cast > bisque > glaze > fire again… so it’ll ideally be close to the renders but hopefully better due to the uncertainties of reduction kilns and non-commercial glazes :slight_smile:

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Looks like you already have a plan in the works. The investment in the equipment and materials isn’t cheap nowadays, but is certainly worth it if you get to produce a series for each of your creations.
Looking forward to seeing the real thing in the future!