Creating a Square Pipe

Hi guys! I wonder if anyone could help me with this.

I have been trying to create a square pipe for the script that I am going to upload. However, some of the square pipe does not align perfectly with the line segments created. In addition, some of the lines seem to be duplicates and the remove duplicate command is not allowing me to remove these overlapping lines. If anyone could help me with this I would be forever thankful!

Linear Segments (17.1 KB)

It may be not what you want, anyway you can try this if you want…
Try to change the size of the frame you want and click the Data Dam(Red Group).

3D Square Grid (16.9 KB)

This is not the solution but a trick to create square pipe by using bounding box


In case of regular cube(not distorted), if you choose the end cap type of pipe with “Round” and boolean union the result, then actually it could be a simple framing trick. :smiley:

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Thank you so much! This is really helpful!

Thank youuuu! I will try this and see if it works!

You can use mesh to create 3d frames , work faster

3d (14.8 KB)

Thank you so much! The issue that I am having is that I want to apply this square pipe grid to a massing that I am shaping on my own, so the end product would not be a box. I tried the bounding box method and it worked perfectly! The only issue that I am having now is the duplicate lines that are overlapping each other in the script I posted in the beginning… but thank you so much for your help!

It’s better if you post your script to get help

Here you go:

Linear Segments (17.6 KB)

You forgot to internalize data

If you want different spaces between lines in all directions try this.

3d (16.5 KB)

I did that but I still get the overlapping lines on the perimeter for some reason… Instead of just getting one line for the perimeter. Thank you for helping me anyways!

Here in the picture you can see the multiple overlapping lines that are in the perimeter and each length starts at the corner and ends where the horizontal curve cuts it.

Thank you so much!