Rectangular pipe

having this query for long time,want to create rectangular pipe,not circular ,how to do,
was trying to create plane at midpoint (9.4 KB)

You can right click on the perp frame, reparametrize the curve and use 0.5 as t input to get a frame at the midpoint. (10.6 KB)

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this happens

You have one duplicate in your points which led to one curve with no length.

And for your solution with the extrude along curve you actually have to use 0 as t input. (18.5 KB)

You can use mesh pipe with 4 segments

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if i follow this way,how can i select all branches at once to form rectangle pipe frame

what plugin to install for mesh pipe?

Pufferfish , Ngon or you can use python …


All the extrusions are there, I just turned off the preview for the extrude along component


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