How do I create a script to pipe everything with square sections?

Hello! Basically I’m trying to create a square sweep through the given lines.
Would appreciate it deeply if anyone could provide an advice to this situation as I’ve been struggling T_T

Thank you!!! (6.2 KB)

Use Heteroptera Hetrosweep

2 Likes (19.4 KB) I wouldn’t trust sweep for this

check this “overly complicated” option - not a sweep but you get what you want:

(edit) you can also just bring your lines into there, I was just separating your curves without the list item:

note: this works for what you have here, this doesn’t ‘pipe everything with square sections’ - for that wouldn’t you just extrude a rectangle along each line as you were doing already? :grin:

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thank you for the suggestion!

Thank you for spending time on this script. I have learnt alot from it!! Thank you!