Creating a point cloud from a txt file

Dear all,

I’m just getting my hands wet in Rhino in a new position I started and am having a question about how to convert a txt file into a solid. Hoping someone can give me some hints.

Attached is a file (two versions, same data) which contains points in polar coordinates. It is a light distribution file similar to

My goal is to turn this into a STEP/STL file via a point cloud. Could you tell me which format of the file would be needed in order to have Rhino interpret it correctly and then export? Is it possible in general?

Thanks a lot and best regards! Thomas

test cloud.txt (14.5 KB)
test cloud 2.txt (5.9 KB)

Points in Rhino are normally represented by triplets x,y,z (coordinates in Cartesian space). Your first file appears to be composed of single numbers separated by 8 spaces, and a CRLF (line break) after every 25. The second is simply one number in each line. I’m not sure how those should be interpreted to points in 3D space.

Thanks for the answer. Well in that case I would have to make a coordinate transformation from polar to cartesian. What the data in raw format looks like is this:

5deg resolution in the two polar coordinates V and L. My hopes were of finding an easy way of turning this into a solid but looks like some coding would be needed… :frowning: