Points file import options (not repsonding)

Hi everyone, trying to import a file in text format,using comma separation, and it has hung up my MAC pro running Sierra 10.12.6
I want to import and make a spline path by connecting the dots together in the time sequence. Ideally export into a .stl, or .dxf, .dwg.
Basically text contains orbital data, and i want to make an orbit spline path, and later anchor a 3D model to afterward. Does anyone know if Rhino can do it…? or how to make sure your text files data is in the right format…?

Got the file imported but now i cannot see the plot, it shows as one dot, even though when i highlight it, it shows 2140 pts, but I cannot see them, tried zooming, nothing, tried scale change in grid, nothing.
Any suggestions.?

Hi, does this help?

Can you post the file?

got it imported now, trying to connect the points together (in sequence). IS there a nurbz sweep,or anyway to make my point cloud into a spline path for anchoring/rigging etc.
Will not let me attach file? it is in .csv (which is not the UTF-8 delimited type–which didn’t work, just reg. .csv type worked)…exported from excel (x,y,z). (my problem was header info needed to be deleted, and I exported in the proper .csv format), any help on connecting the dots would be appreciated, thx…

You can .zip it, should work.

Curve>Free-form>Fit to points…?

sweet that worked! now i have to figure out how to export (.stl), as it doesn’t seem to recognize the object/geometry…? i’m such a newby…thanks Helvetosaur…

That’s just a curve - .stl doesn’t support curves, as it’s designed to transmit volumes (in mesh form). What is the end destination/application for the object? If you need a mesh, you will have to create a physical volume by, say, using Pipe to create a pipe volume along the curve and exporting that as an .stl. If you just need the curve, you will need to use a different file format, probably something like IGES or DXF…

end destination = a flight path for attached orbital object (satellite).
Ideally the wireframe is rendered to show this orbital flight path and the object moving upon it.
I’m wanting to show the whole solar system, and how satellite trajectory and gravity assist works.
Not sure if Rhino is the best for the final assembly, but for the moment getting the point cloud into a spline path that I can use for attaching cameras, objects, and for rendering as wireframe is the main objective.
thx again,