Converting Polar graph data to point cloud


I have a set of xyz data that represents a polar graph. Column a is elevation from 0 deg to 180 deg, column b is azimuth from 0 deg to 359 deg angle and column c is the distance from zero. I would like to convert each elevation cut to points in space. When I try the file uploaded it creates a single line of data points along one axis rather revolving them around 0. Can someone explain how to convert these data points to point cloud thats importable into Rhino?

Enclosed is the .csv file as a .txt so i could upload it here. There is also a .png uploaded showing a polar plot of the data.

polarplot.txt (3.3 KB)

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Hi Seth - here’s a Python that does what I think you need - give it a try - (1.0 KB)

Use RunPythonScript and point it at the saved py file to test.