Creating a mycelium fiber structure in Grasshopper

Hi everybody,
I’m trying to create an organic (if possible even growing) mycelium fiber structure in Grasshopper. This fiber structure is placed in a sphere with a diameter of 27 meters.
What is the best way to create a structure like this? While researching I tried various options, my professor told me to use Voronoi which does work but the result is still quite far from the desired outcome (see attached references), what could i do to achieve the most accurate results?
I was also wondering if using a Python script could be the right direction, even though I’m not quite familiar with that yet.
If someone of you has any idea or even did something like that before I would really appreciate your help and input!
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Here are some of my references

To me that looks definitely mesh-based, so start with a research on this site into mesh-based growth methodologies, differential growth, and mesh smoothing. Maybe also porous structures and exosceletons.

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This might be worth a check.
Culebra | Food4Rhino


Thank you very much for these keywords, they seem promising I will look more into them. :slight_smile:

Cool I will definitly try that that might be exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for your suggestion! :slight_smile:

Do you by any chance know any good tutorials related to culebra?