Vascular Networks in Grasshopper


I am trying to model a vascualr structure for a uni project. just to give you an idea, something like this:


i have been trying to find information on how to model this type of structures in Grasshopper, but unfrotunately i havent found much. I was wondering if anyone has done any related work or can suggest how to get started on this.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe this helps: IntraLattice | Food4Rhino

thank you very much martin!

that is very relevant, i had had a look but not exactly what i was after. because of my application, i need a vascular network, not a lattice. thanks anyway!

looks like 3d voronoi and multipipe to me


oh thats actually a really smart idea!

but since i want to 3d print this, i was hoping to be able to control the maximum angle so that it doesnt need supports. is there a way to do this with voronoi?

The need for supports depends on vertical angle of course, but also on things like the length if the unsupported section (these are called bridges), the speed of the print, the type of filament, the nozzle temperature (which actually means the viscosity of the melted filament), the ambient air temperature, and probably a couple of other things I haven’t thought of. For example, here are a couple of prints I’ve made with no supports and no problems:

My guess is you could print your vascular network ok using the last suggestion, provided the spaces weren’t too big. It’s worth a try at least.

Laser sintering nylon does not require supports.

Looks like resin to me, which does need supports, mostly for build plate adhesion and strategic placement. :face_with_monocle:


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