Non-live-connection workflow from Rhino GH to ArchiCAD?

Hello, can anyone tell me the best workflow (especially for a beginner like me) from Rhino to archicad? So in my case, let’s say I have done the basic form-finding (by using grasshopper + ladybug) and get the basic mass which then I want to use as a ‘reference’ in ArchiCAD for a more detailed BIM modelling. What would be the workflow, should I just export the form to archicad then I start to manually make the floorplan, etc, and use the object as reference? or should I export only the ‘floor’ area from the rhino first? I just want to hear what usually people do while having this kind of workflow, and I’m not going to use live-connection as somehow it doesn’t work with my edu license archicad 23. Thank you!