Creating a closed polysurface from surfaces without selecting each one

I have a closed polysurface with ~1400 surfaces when I explode it. I have 7 naked edges that I need to fix.

Is there anyway to fix the edges without exploding then fixing then using create solid? If not is there a way to reassemble the closed polysurface without selecting each individual surface?

I just want to use a selection window to select all the surfaces and have them assemble into a closed polysurface.

I’ve worked around this using drape and export as mesh for a test print but I’d like to know if there is a simpler way. I am running Rhino 5 on this laptop but I do have a copy of Rhino 6 on my shop computer if that helps.

I’ll be analyzing edges as I build going forward.

Thank you.

Welcome @rallyview. Try a Search for naked edges

Use ExtractSrf with Copy=No to extract the individual surfaces which need fixing. Fix the surfaces.

Before starting the Join command select the objects to be joined (surfaces and polysurfaces) by dragging a window, etc.

With the objects selected start the join command.

since you are neither showing an image nor posting a file all help here are footsteps into the dark of course. nevertheless one quick and dirty idea which came to my mind depending on the complexity of your shape, would be to convert to a simple as possible mesh, then using _FillMeshHoles.

but best would be to show whatever you have there preferably in a file.

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Thank you for the pointers. Extractsrf for repairing surface was a huge help. Searching for naked edges in the forum led me to Cap which fixed the holes.

I am unsure exactly how Cap works though. I’ve found that a lot of the magical fixes in Rhino cause problems down the line. Like using trim vs split then delete. Anything I need to be worried about with Cap?

I’ll post up the model once I get it onto a windows 10 machine with internet access.

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Cap only works on planar holes. The surface it creates is usually untrimmed.