Closing a Polysurface with One Naked Edge


I’m currently trying to create a closed polysurface for 3D printing.The object can be described as a balloon with strings tied around it, which I developed each “bubble” separately in Grasshopper and then merged all of the separate polysurfaces together. I went through and cleaned up all of the naked edges to make it a solid, but am having a problem. There is one single naked edge left, and it’s so small that when I zoom in on it it just continuously zooms as a point instead of an edge, so it never gets larger. I used “ShowEdges” command to find it, then zoomed in on the single point. As it is a point and not an edge, I’m not sure how to join it to create a closed polysurface. Please help!!!

Hi - you could try the RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges command.

Wow Rhino really has a command for everything. That worked, thank you so much!