Close open polysurface

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I put an indent in my polysurface which I no longer need. I’ve deleted the indent and am left with an open hole in my polysurface (see open hole on left). I wanted to ask what command/s would be best to close this hole up and create a solid polysurface again.

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One way: (Sub object select edges, Gumbal on Snappy dragging, snap End on) then join and MergeAllCoplanarFaces

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Hey Baekat,

SrfPt to create surfaces with 3-4 points.

EdgeSrf to create surfaces from 2,3 or 4 edges.

You could draw the edges and use Loft, Sweep1 or Sweep2, you could make a flat surface with Plane.

You could draw a rectangle and turn it into a surface with PlanarSrf and then Join it to your brep.

At the end to clean up the edges run MergeAllCoplanarFaces in Rhino7 or MergeAllFaces in Rhino5&6.

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Thanks for this :slight_smile:

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