Surfaces can not be closed with brep join

Hello together,

I have a quite easy geometry and want to have a closed brep. When I try to use brep join component, then I’m getting open brep. However, I get closed brep, when I deconstruct this open brep and then join with brep join. I didn’t understand, why I’m getting closed brep, when I only deconstruct and construct brep. After using of this closed brep in solid union with another closed brep, then I’m getting an open brep again. Do you have any idea, why I have this problem?

Brep join (21.2 KB)

I’m not using lunchbox so I’m not sure what you’re doing with the patch?

Your seam adjustment seems a bit complicated. This here results in a closed brep: (21.6 KB)

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Hi Martin,

Your solution looks pretty simple. Thank you for your suggestion. When I tried to use the cap hole, it covered the entire bottom surface. Is it about the seam adjustment? My other question is: How can you measure the computation time of components? Is there a plugin for this?

Notice I rebuilt one of your curves. This could be improved still, see the attached definition.

Don’t know why your capping failed, sometimes it is not clear what surface has to be capped… (27.8 KB)

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to show the computation time on each component, go to DisplayCanvas Widgets and select Profiler. The Metahopper plugin also has a “bottleneck navigator” which is handy

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Hello Martin,
I changed the outside curve of of your solution and the seam adjustment didn’t work well. I have to have a flexible code for changes and the seam adjustment should work with all changes of geometry. Therefore, it would be better, if you have any other idea.

closed_brep(1).gh (33.6 KB)

You are using the wrong curves for the seam adjustment. Internalizing input curves in the Curve Closest Point is not a good idea in this case as it makes previewing of the respective curve more complicated.

closed_brep(1).gh (42.6 KB)