Move many parts of a data tree to a grid without using "group"

Hi, I have a data-tree with few branches and 2 elements per branch. It’s a wall panel with parts that can get adjusted, randomized, etc. The idea is to move all the elements in the wall panel to different grid locations, without mangling the data-tree.

The question is, how can I do this without using the Group and Ungroup components on the grid points? Sometimes using the group component is discouraged, so I’d like to know how to better implement this little script.

Thanks (42.4 KB) (42.2 KB)

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In case if you want your panel to move onto the grid rectangles, you could also use Rectangle Mapping. (47.6 KB)

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Of course! Graft the tree items and flatten the move vectors - so each item follows all the vector moves. Thanks @Tao_Lin and @HS_Kim for the help. I don’t usually use Orient, Rectangle Mapping. I learned a lot from you both today.

Here’s the script with plain ol’ Vector 2pt:

@HS_Kim - where can I find that cool Tree Preview component? I’ve never seen it and couldn’t find it by searching around.

That is one of custom user objects of mine.

…whenever you get around to publishing a book, I’ll be in line!