C# AND GH. How can I divide grid into another grid?

Hi, I think my question is quite superficial, but I am new with c#. I need to divide grid I created into the another grid. I tried to do so by creating a list of points (grid of points) using Point3d srfPt method. I got points on each grid cell, but I can not create a lines which connects those points. I mean that opposite points would be connected with line so the line would divide rectangle cell

task.gh (8.4 KB)

I hope someone could help me with this small issue.
I will attach file, to make it clearer.

Maybe the attached can shed some light on DataTree matters, surfaces, lines, points, cats and dogs.

Surface_subdivideLists_V1.3dm (155.0 KB)
Surface_subdivideLists_V1.gh (127.0 KB)

Note: I never internalize things (even simple stuff like curves and the likes) : occasionally R crashes on opening a given def