Creating 2D plans from 3D (dynamic)

I would like to know if there is a way to make dynamic 2D plans from a 3D? If you have an object - if you have a wall in a building, make 2D ( I only need the cross- section - be able to see plugs, switches, furniture on that wall) and later I change the location of an object on that wall, I want that to be automatically moved on the make2D of that object. The 2D plan must be separate from the 3D model so that annotations can be made and placed into boarder and get it ready for printing.
I checked an older thread on similar topic, but the latest post was from 2016…
The only tool I have seen doing something similar to not I want ( but doesn’t do separate drawings) is this tool -

Any information would be useful.

I use the clipping planes to do this and set up the 2D drawings in Layout. The 2d drawings stay dynamic with modeling changes.

Thanks. How do you make a clipping plane display in Layout mode drawing, so that I can add annotations to it? Also regarding clipping planes is there an option to set the depth if clipping plane - want only the first 61cm for example to be seen in the plane (furniture and plugs, etc on the wall)? From there I can make cplanes for all the walls in different layouts.

1- double click in the detail window
2- select the clipping plane object

3-In the object properties panel select which Layout view the clipping Plane should be affected.

4-Manage clipping plane visibility by creating a clipping plan layer and turn off the layer visibility in the layout layers panel.


Thank you very much for the detailed answer!