Has anyone discovered good workflows for architectural projects in Rhino?

I’m trying to develop a good workflow in Rhino where I can model the ‘bones’ of a house and then use the Section or ClippingPlane command to begin extracting 2D information from the model so that I can go in and add detail in 2D. Yes, this is super similar to how Revit is used. I want to avoid having to use the Make2D command too often or have 2D drawings that are entirely independent of the 3D geometry (like how an AutoCAD workflow would be).

So far, a workflow I think could work would be…

  1. Model bones of the house to a varying degree of detail as needed.
  2. Create clipping planes that are placed in the areas you wish to create drawings (floor plan, elevations, section, etc.)
  3. Set Clipping Planes such that they are only active in the Details that feature the drawing you wish to create from the Clipping Plane. Clipping Planes can also be on their own layer so they can be turned off.
  4. Use HideInDetail to clean up details to not show unnecessary 3D elements or 2D lines from other parts of the model.
  5. Working within the detail, add 2D detail to the drawings as needed. It would be nice if the CPlane could auto-orient to the clipping plane so that as you add 2D lines, they are drawn on the same plane as the clip. Maybe this can be achieved with the Auto-orient Cplane in R8?
  6. You can edit the 3D elements of the model, and you should see them update in the detail view if they haven’t been hidden. Another option would be to make all the 2D line views their own block, and a second block could be located away from the 3D geometry that could then be featured in the Detail. Can a block have it’s own CPlane that would be active when editing it?

My disclaimer is that I haven’t really tried this yet on a sizeable residential project, but it seems like a good start toward integrating 3D modeling and 2D drafting within Rhino. Perhaps there is a much, much better way that I don’t know about though. I’d love to get some thoughts.

Hi @TheCyclist. Yes, definitely, there are viable workflows for using Rhino as a comprehensive BIM platform (3D to 2D drawing set) for custom homes. I’d point you towards the VisualArq plugin first, since it addresses many of the points you brought up already.

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