Create X sets of points within Y degrees

Hi all!

I’m learning/practicing grasshopper and I want to recreate something like the attached image. I have the overall idea on how to create the base and the rest of the model (not shown) but I’m having problems trying to get the basis of it and I need a bit of help. I need to create X sets (depending on # of legs, 3 to 6, times 2) of points (limited from 1 to 4) that fall within Y degrees (variable) where the first set is aligned to the X axis. Then I’ll move every other set on the Z axis and create a nurbs curve using 2 lists of points to create the shape. Any ideas on how can I do this? (9.6 KB) (11.3 KB)

Thanks a lot, @dn.aur! Your file really helped, but what if I needed to increase the number of points but not the distance between the first and last one in the X axis?

you have basically two possibilties:

  • you choose X_start, dX and nX and compute X_end (the previous file)
  • you choose X_start, nX and X_end and compute dX (new file, but computing the new nX points in between is done automatically) (12.1 KB)

Sweet! That’ll do the trick. Thanks a lot, Dan