Creating a series of curves through points

Hello All,

I’m a fairly new user and I’m having a problem creating a set of curves through endpoints. I’m trying to create a truss structure under a roof. As you can see, I have a series of extruded midpoints (see the first picture) and I want to connect these points to create a series of curves underneath the roof. I’ve tried creating an interpolated curve through these points, but it creates one long curve instead of a set of curves (second picture). I was wondering if there was any way to break up these curves to create a set of curves instead of one long curve?

I’ve attached the rhino and grasshopper files.

Thank you so much in advance! (9.9 KB)
SurfaceTruss.3dm (2.7 MB)

Partition’ the output of ‘SubSrf’. (17.6 KB)

Thanks so much! Funny how such an easy fix was sitting in front of me the whole time.