Create set of randomized curves

Hi all,

been trying all morning (intellectual challenges on a Sunday :)) but somehow I cannot find the way.

I want to create a set of, say, 9 curves with 50 points each. Using sets of x(50) and y (9) coordinates, I want to randomize a third z coordinate. I want to end op with 9 individual curves

I tried multiple approaches, with ghpython, creating al coordinates before creating points,…

here is an approach where I move the 450 created points afterwards:

the thing is that with this approach I only create 1 set of 50 random points, which is repeated 9 times. Not 450 randomized points.

There must be an elegant solution to this, I think it has something to do with setting the data tree right, but I cannot find it.

Thank you! (14.6 KB)

Sigh. Should have asked earlier :slight_smile: .
Thank you so much for your quick answer, works great.

A small question: how do you get the component name above the individual components?
Thanks again.

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