Rhino Geometry to Revit Window Family

Halo, I am trying to make a workflow that transfers Rhino Geometry to Revit window family.
Because it’s difficult to make this special style window family directly in Revit.

I am follow the example video but it’s not working in my case, the last error is “This family requires a host.”
Did I miss something ?


You need to host the window instance into a wall.
As long as I know windows can not be floating around in Revit.


The code is working now.
But the window family is not able to be embedded in the wall.

There is a previous post about this.
You need to define the window outline as well.

Create Window Family with Opening

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Hi, thanks for the tips. Now iI managed to make a window family but with some errors.

In revit, the warning is “the opening does not cut anything”
In grashopper, the waring is “The opening does not cut anything. {253819, 254537, 254542}” . But this is a pure geometry, there is nothing at {253819, 254537, 254542}

Ideally, the family geometry and the opening curve should be defined centered at (0,0,0) this will be the origin of your family.

Is your opening curve on the reference wall there is in the family?
Yo can allways edit the Family you are creating with Revit and check whats wrong with it.

I’ve found the problem.
I moved all the rhino geometry (window, open curve, wall host curve) to the positive x-axis direction.

Now there is no error. Although I still don’t understand the principle of the code.

By the way, I still didn’t find a way to save this new family type as .rfa file.
Now I can only create a new project in Revit, and save as a .rvt file.

There is a component called ‘Save Component Family’ that should save it to file.

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genius :crazy_face: