How close the trimmed edges of a voronoi pattern using a custom boundary


I’m trying to close a voronoi pattern using a custom surface boundary. As you can see with the first image the pattern has open curves on both and top and bottom of the surface boundary. The logic I used was to try and split the surface boundary curves and join them to the voronoi pattern, but my attempts have been unsuccessful. I also can’t simply use the close curve component has I have filleted areas which doesn’t align perfectly with the boundary.

Open curves at the top and bottom of the pattern:

Base surface boundary highlight in blue:

Close curve result not following filleted areas:

I will provide my attempt in the script where I got close but struggled with the data management to finalise the result:

GH Script: (57.4 KB)


You can split the contourlines. (63.4 KB)


The best way of doing this is to make the pattern on a 2D plane.

Thank you for the help Erik! very insightful.

Hey Rane,

This was the first method I tried before the script you see now. The problem is it’s seems to only work on geometry being constructed in a particular way. The boundary I had lead to a inaccurate result, the scale was off even though the unroll dimensions were correct and the connection between the start and end of the surface was incorrect.