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i like to use rhino inside revit to automate repeat task, but in revit 2024 remove topograhy and replaced with toposolid, how to create toposolid with geasshopper in rhino inside revit, here toposolid api unfortunately i cant coding, help me please, thanks

Added a feature request. Add TopoSolid Components for Revit 2024 · Issue #939 · mcneel/rhino.inside-revit · GitHub

How are you looking to add & work with Toposolids in your projects?

Create toposolid by points and boundary (crease), split toposolid, speed improvement for host shape
Host shape to slow for modifi toposolid, in my case modifi only toposolid 150mx150m with 500 point take time 3 minute and if 150mx>550m will make revit and grasshopper hang/force close,i use laptop asus rog strix, thank you✨

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Hi @Ayon_Id,

We have added ‘Add Toposolid’ and ‘Add Toposolid Sub-Division’ components in v1.17.
‘Host Shape’ is also been improved.

It will be available also on v1.16.

i am sorry, if file open missing the add toposolid component, why this is happen ? am i wrong ?
this is image before save and close

this image while open the file

Hi Ayon,

Can you post your About - Details info? Thanks

ok this is detail info


There is a fix for this on latest v1.17 from today.
Please update.

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wow work perfectly, thanks