Create toposolid - closed boundary curves


I have a set of closed boundary curves. the create toposolid component doesn’t seem to work for me:

contours.3dm (123.3 KB)

Just extrude (contour interval height), cap and solid union…

I identified one open curve, deleted it, and get the following new error now:

  1. RhinoInside.Revit.GH: The input curve loops cannot compose a valid boundary, that means: the “curveLoops” collection is empty; or some curve loops intersect with each other; or each curve loop is not closed individually; or each curve loop is not planar; or each curve loop is not in a plane parallel to the horizontal(XY) plane; or input curves contain at least one helical curve.

I don’t want the geometry to be stepped, it should interpolate the curves smoothly.

I did the following:

  • Removed the straight outer borders to leave open contour curves
  • Ran Patch on the open contours at 50 x 50 stiffness 1 with the starting surface
  • Trimmed the patch with the trim boundary (your lowest level closed curve)
  • Trimmed the patch with the uppermost open contour curve

Note I did not use the lowest open contour (in red) for the patch because that would have resulted in a mess, it being vertical (and even slightly inside of) with the next one up over a portion of its length.

PatchSrf.3dm (2.6 MB)

Thank you for clarifying. How would you bring this into Revit with grasshopper?


Hi Ct.Rhino,

Similar to how you add points to the Toposolid via the Revit UI you will need to do so as well in Rhino.Inside.Revit. (11.3 KB)

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Which geometry are you bringing into the curves component? Just the contours? I can’t get it to work.

The definition above should have worked with your file.

Attached is a internalized version. (23.6 KB)

When creating a Toposolid via the Revit UI you create a profile (bottom crv)

then add points, the Revit API creation is no different.

I understand now, only the “boundary” curve goes into the top curve container.

Thank you! I am very excited to have this working. On to hardscape.

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I’m basically up and running now

thanks for the help @Japhy and all. More fun to come.

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@Japhy I am having a hard time getting my new landscaping into the model. I suspect it has something to do with the number of points.

The script seems to make a lot of extra points on my blended surface

I am sharing the contour geometry here.
contours.3dm (283.6 KB)

and ten seconds later… I played with the tolerance and got it to work.