Create surface from mesh

i have model dxf and i need to convert it to surface in rhino then sent it to Tekla structure using grasshopper

This may help.

Mesh to (12.6 KB)

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is there any way to join surfaces ?

It is not easy. First try to make mesh to smooth surface in rhino. Then split those surface with required plate sizes. Then you can transfer to Tekla through lofted plate or some other way.

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that exactly what i need, but as beginner i need more help. How to make mesh to smooth surface ?


In what purpose you are creating this surfaces in Tekla?

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for my Graduation project

Do you know the source of the data used to generate the mesh?

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plz help

Let me check.

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There’s no simple, universal and precise way of doing that.

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Making smooth surface from mesh is very difficult. You can go through below topic.

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