How to create a smooth single surface from many polysurface

How Can I create a smooth single surface from polysurfaces?

Create single surface.3dm (3.1 MB)

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Hi Sajesh,

I am not an expert. But normally, I would draw curves along the outer four edges of the shape, using InterpCrv. Then Edgesrf to create a single surface, using the four crvs I have drawn.

You won’t get 100% same shape, but something close.

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How much experience do you have with Rhino?

The geometry appears to be triangular mesh which was converted to surfaces, possibly using the ToNURBS command.

Patch may be useful. Curves along the outer edges will also be needed to either trim the results of Patch or to create a starting surface for Patch.

Curves along the edges can be created by first joining the surface/polysurfaces into as few polysurfaces as possible. DupBorder to obtain polycurves around the borders of the polysurfaces. The result will be polylines/deree 1 curves. Explode the polylines and delete the lines which are not on the border of the object. Join the remaining curves. FitCrv to obtain degree 3 curves with fewer control points.

If you have the original mesh then use it as the source of points for Patch. If the original mesh is not available first Explode the polysurfaces into individual surfaces. Then ExtractPt the control points of the individual surfaces which for these particular surfaces are the corners. (In general control points are not just the surface corners.) If the extracted points are in point clouds Explode the point clouds. SelDup to select duplicate points and Delete the duplicates.

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