Simplifying Mesh into Surfaces

Hello All,

I have been working on this project for the past couple of hours now and I have ran into a problem. I was handed a site model and told to convert the meshes all into polysurfaces. I watched countless rhino and grasshopper tutorials trying to find a way to do this and I was able to get the mesh into surfaces but now there are a lot of surfaces and I would like to clean them up. I have an example of what I want all the surfaces to look more like (I selected each surface then ran another line of grasshopper to convert the surfaces into one surface) I just can’t seem to do all the surfaces at the same time cause they are not all planar. I think? I just do not want to have to click every single surface that I want as one surface every time. If there is anyone that can help I have attached the rhino file and the grasshopper file.

Thank You
Mesh to Surfaces.3dm (255.1 KB)
Mesh to (10.6 KB)

Hi Sean -

Yes, when the surfaces (or mesh faces) are not coplanar, you can’t convert those into a single surface.
In Rhino, you can use the MergeAllCoplanarFaces command on the original mesh to minimize the number of faces before converting to a polysurface. In Grasshopper, the Merge Faces component requires a (poly-)surface as input.

What’s the expected benefit of polysurfaces?

Thank you for the replies. The answer was to take the meshes and use MeshToNURB and then MergeAllCoplanarFaces.