Create a surface from cross-section curves that uses elevation

Hi everyone,
I need to find a way to take several cross-sectional curves and create a surface from them that builds the isocurves with respect to elevation…can you help?
I am uploading some point clouds that represent the cross-sections. Ideally, I would like to linearly interpolate these points and then use those curves to create the surface.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


point (1.5 KB)

Hi Lance- CurveThroughPt on each of these point sets to get curves- I would explode the point clouds or just import as points, then the CurveThroughPt command can accept pre-selected sets of points- and then loft through the curves- the isos are very nearly horizontal- good enough? One of your point sets has a duplicate point, so SelDup Delete before making the curves…
Any luck?


Thanks for those tips…didn’t know there was a duplicate!

I have tried lofting, but Idid notice that the iso-curves weren’t perfectly true to the elevation. What if I arrayed planes at specific elevation intervals, then intersected the curves with those planes to get a new set of points that shared similar height and interpolated those points to sort of create a “pseudo” mesh?

That sounds like it could take some serious brain power…and time…

What do you think?

Thanks again,