Create Solid From Complex Surfaces


(Let me know If I should post this elsewhere, I didn’t find my answer so I’m posting a new topic)

From “complex” (3planes) curves I create my shape. Then I use this curves to create the surfaces (Networksrf) and later on I try and create a solid. I say try because it wont let me.

I don’t know if the command Networksrf doesn’t follow the curves precisely, or if I have one curve that doesn’t touch the other (For my disadvantage the surface is created anyways)

Am I using the right commands and approach? The idea is to create a solid to later on export to ProE and make there all the round edges to my figure.

Can you upload an example of your curves and surfaces? Click on the arrow symbol above the box where you type your post text.

What command are you using to try to create the solid? Sometimes Join will work when CreateSolid fails.

NetworkSrf does not always follow the input curves exactly. The tolerance in NetworkSrf sets how close it follows the input curves. It an input curve has a kink it will smooth the kink. It will also create surfaces when input curves do not touch each other if the curves are “close enough”.

Thank you so much for your response.

Before uploading my model and making you loose time I’m trying it out with (EdgeSrf).

I’ts a shame that networksrf has a tolerance because ir really follows the shape and created the right surface.

Thanks again David!

Cruves.3dm (1.0 MB)
Here you have the file David!

There are only a few problems. Use ShowEdges with Naked Edges checked to see where edges did not join.

At the end of the handle surfaces extend into the interior which results in “non-manifold” situations. Trim the parts of the surfaces which extend into the interior and that problem will be fixed. Make sure to get two narrow parts which are easy to miss. There is also an extra surface inside which needs to be deleted. After trimming and deleting Join the surfaces and check for naked edges.

The other problems are on the sides where the edges of the narrow strips are too far from the curved surface. This should be fixed if the strips are rebuilt using the adjoining surface edges rather than the curves.

David thank you so much for your help!
I didn’t know this function, I’m going to check it right away.

In a shape like mine, what type of surface would you use to build the model?

So weird, is this because I’m using rhino for mac?

Looks like you have not joined the surfaces together. Use Join command.

Try selecting all the surfaces or a group of surfaces, and then execute Join.

thanks again for all you help, have a nice day.

Sorry David.
I now have it perfectly closed with no naked edges, but It won’t let me create the solid anyways.
Any other advice? I attach the file just in case
Cruves.3dm (857.3 KB)

It is now a closed polysurface which is a “solid” in Rhino.

A solid in Rhino is represented by a closed surface or closed polysurface. Any closed surface or closed polysurface can be considered to be a solid. Nothing special is required.