Big challenge - Trying to create a complex surface network - Please help!

Hi All,

I am trying to create a complex surface network and doesnt matter what it just doesnt create it.
All curves are closed but dont know if the problem is that they are so many or just cant get to solve it.

I have 4 days already trying and nothing works.
Here is the file in case you want to try it.
ARM CHAIR.3dm (918.4 KB)

Do you have an illustration, a photo or a sketch of what the chair should look like?

How much experience do you have with Rhino? Do you have experience with other computer design software?

Hi Will,
If you’re trying to run the NetworkSrf command on that geometry, you will still need to divide the geometry into groups of lines that are organized in a way which the NetworkSrf command can handle,. See the help topic for the command.

// Rolf

Hi David,

I used Rhino on daily basis in my last job until 2.5 years ago, then stopped to use it until now, and trying to remember how to use it.

I am an architect, I use AutoCAD, Revit, PhotoShop, used 3D Max at some point, and other design software.

Hi Rofl,

I read it, multiple times! :slight_smile: but still not sure exactly which are the correct ways it should be organized or how to divide it.

Could you say which ways should it be organized for it to work?

Thank you,



Where is a rough sketch of what I am trying to accomplish.


From the help file: NetworkSrf command :

Creates a surface from a network of crossing curves.
Note: All curves in one direction have to cross all curves in the other direction and cannot cross each other.

If you test selecting only a few curves and it works, then you can add more curves and find out where you broke the rules.

// Rolf

Hi Will - I’m afraid nothing good can come of trying to make this shape from a single network surface - have I understood correctly that that is what you’re shooting for? You might have a look at the section on surface topology in the level 2 training material -

to get an idea of why this is not really a single-surface shape. NetworkSrf is a fine tool, but it is not a substitute for planning your surface patches and using the various surfacing tools that are available… if it could do this and get what you want, there would only be one item in the Surface menu!