Create Rope Weave Installation for Restaurant

Hello, I am designing a restaurant, and I want to create an installation on the exterior of the kitchen using woven rope. I would like to use 2 surfaces to define the extents of the weave pattern. I have projected and array of curves through the 2 defining surfaces. Divided the curves. Now I want to take the points and shift and weave the sets so that I can create a pattern. Can you help me to set up the points so that the weaving / shifting can occur? I have not used grasshopper in a few years, and I don’t know how to approach this. Thanks

how do I get the interpolate curve to select the next point consecuitvely, so that each time gh selects the next point for the curve, it skips 1 point in the set and moves to the next one?

Upload file :slight_smile: (20.1 KB)
180512_Kitchen Installation Model_RH6 Test_v03.3dm (160.6 KB)

I don’t clearly understand what you want, but here’s some “weaving” using weave component.
To your second question. A really nice component is relative item/s. Have a look at it :slight_smile:
If you tell me more clearly what you want, or make a sketch, how it should look in the end, I will help your further. (15.0 KB)