Weaving Pattern Simple

Hi there,

this is a simple way to create a weaving pattern without any plugins only using lists in Grasshopper.
The weaving pattern is modeled by constructing points and evaluating them from the built surface.

First, the vertices are „moved“ to provide the doubled lists for the points of overlapping of the two weaving directions. After that the lists are first „shifted“ and then „dispatched“.
Shifting happens 1 step vertically and 1 step horizontally to create a diagonal.

The original point and the likewise shifted point are connected in a polyline which is then filleted.

The rectangular profile of the weaving material is oriented with frames along the lines, to make sure it follows precisely and then lofted to create the breps for the actual pattern.

This is the grasshopper definition!
Have fun!


Grasshopper_Weave_Majer.gh (81.3 KB)


Thanks for sharing @lmajer

Hi, you’re script is nearly saving my life, but there’s just one thing that I’m missing: how can I decide the thickness and the width of the strips?

A Curve component defines the profile shape of the weaving material. Scale can be adjusted with the Number Slider.