Looking for a script or method to do an egg crate type structure

I recall Pascal or someone had a tutorial for making a shape and then extracting sections from it at 90 degrees from each other and then making the slots to allow those sections to interlock into an egg crate type of assembly. I’ve searched the GH and Rhino pages but can’t seem to find it. If anyone has any further ideas on how to achieve this, please respond. I need to design a cnc routed form to build boat hull plugs to make a female production mold over.


Do you know what this is?

Hi Margaret,

 Thanks for bringing this back up but I have found several GH examples for doing what I was looking for. They use the term 'waffle' instead of my 'eggcrate'.

Maybe… I did make a script for notching out intersecting planks, but this
sounds more like a GH thing to me. I’ll post back to that one.

You might have found this one I made a while back already but I recently updated the definition to use the latest components too…

Thanks Brian! I had found that one too. Great stuff.

Do I get my wrists slapped if I mention Autod**k 123Make?


123Mistake? Is that really a program?


I missed the D