Create ONE close brep


I have 2 closed brep which i remove the bottom face to one of them and the top face to the other, then I want to add a surface between them to create ONE close brep.

How can I do it? see image please (614.1 KB)

thanks in advace


Looks like this GH file needs geometry from a Rhino file?


you are right you need the site plan I called from pipeline


There are two solutions : either Solid Union your two closed Breps, or Brep Join your faces after culling.
I also added a Sort List to cull your top and bottom faces without having to search for their index, you might find this useful if you do that process frequently. (615.1 KB)

It’s a massive canvas, both in 3D space and GH canvas.
Carry you narrow down the relevant bits please?

i know that it is massive and innefficient but every time i try to find shorter ways to get the same but it is ot easy. apologise. you are in the right area

thanks but you missed the key element i want to add. please the blue circle that corresponds to the intermediate floor. hole for the stairs to add to the closed brep

The output result would not be a closed Brep. It’s not possible to join these three elements, unless you add thickness to your walls/floors.

the problem is caused for the hole where i want to model the stairs that make breps to be defined as an open brep . althought i join the breps, it does not merge or considered as one unique element

Here it is an updating

i have two open breps, one above the other and i want to create a one close brep if i do it with solid union , the hole in the intermediate floor desapears

How can I do it? it does not work with merge or join brep because I have still open breps. any help please?


thanks guys for your help anyway