Create non-orthogonal axis to align line in drawing

I am drawing a plan of a building that is partially orthogonal, partially diagonal:

When I’m drawing the angled part, is it possible to create an axis that new lines can snap to as I’m drawing them, like the “ortho” function which snaps all lines to either the x or y axis. If not, what is the most effective way of doing this?

you can set your ortho with OrthoAngle to anything you need. maybe also drawing a line lock it and use smart track having parallels activated. but in that case i would probably draw the outer perimeter first then segment the rooms duplicating lines and trim them off. all these fancy smart tracks and helps rather get in the way, it takes more time thinking what to use than just to construct it smart

Hello- it may pay to create a named CPlane that aligns to the angle, this way you can always use that cplane and draw that part as if it were ‘ortho’