Create chain in Rhino7 mac


I’m completely new to Rhino, and i’ve been doing tutorials and watching videos non stop for 2 weeks. Now I started to sketch som of my own ideas, but i’m challenged.
I would like to make a chain like the one of the photo. I seams like it’s made out of links consisting of 4 rings that turns. Can somebody help me figuring out how to start?
Thanks a lot

Not sure if you have come across this YouTube channel, it may (or may not) be helpful-

I used to have some Grasshopper definitions to make chains when I used to do jewellery years ago.

The concept is you build one link then array it along the curve that gives it a shape like your image. The tricky part is flipping every second one and moving them so they link.

There is/was a Grasshopper plugin called Peacock at Food 4 Rhino. It may do chains I believe.

IHTH - Randy