Creating chain that twists and looks natural

Something like this image any heals would be much apriciated.

Well you can simply use Flow to place the links along a curve, using the Rigid option to keep it from distorting the links. You would probably lay out the links along a straight line the length you want, use Flow, then tweak the input links so that they have some variances.

here you go, the non grasshopper kangaroo version with a cheap rhino render :wink: i am actually for the first time really amazed how fast and actually quite useful the internal render is, i would never believe it… just a few settings tweaked in 30 seconds and already something to let somebody understand what it is… not bad not bad. pardon me for using gold gold not reddish copper gold as you have but anyway here is what i did:

created one of those rings copied it, rotated it 90° and placed it at the inner part of the first one getting 2 of those, took those two and kept copying with option same distance, from last point, same direction, clicked a few times. then i rotated it all 45° that it builds a natural basis how it could rest up on the table (last picture left). then i sketched a curve with the same length of this chain (dim curve length can be helpful while editing it and subcrv entering the length for the accurate total length) and used flow with option rigid, voila first version. for a more natural (random) version i took the straight chain and used twist with rigid as seen on the third picture below or the last picture on the right, just be aware that the surface has to be adjusted to each radius the chain creates seen in the last picture thats it.

you can also use grasshopper and kangaroo to get there may also be fun but for a quick shot this might do.



Before flowing the links from straight you might want to nudge some of them a little out of perfect alignment as well for that casual look.


Yeah I was trying to say to Flow with history on, then nudge out of alignment…

Thanks so much for your replies that was exactly what I was looking for. :wink:

no problem, i thought you didnt have a clue but now i see that you are actually a complete pro :smiley: would be nice to see more from you either :wink: