How to model the links of this rope chain

Need help trying to model the links of this rope chain, having difficulty!!

These were my first attempts but Im just not happy with the results.

yumm, they look like extra long Fusili :wink:

i think to get there you have to use the chain technique we discussed, but in this case your chain links seem to be cascading into each other while being slightly bent.

your spirals are sure not the right direction.

Thanks for your reply Rich, still can’t work out how to get this looking right, any more help would be much apriciated.

hi alex, this would need quite some testing to get it right i guess, since you are able to use all those tools, imagination is what you have to enhance, sorry if this is rude but a little brain job for everybody is fair. the maker of this jewelry sure also had to switch on the brain to come up with this :slight_smile:

maybe somebody else is eager to help you further but for now i have to get some things done, i am sitting here toooo much already… if you cant get there anyhow and nobody came to help, maybe i have another look, till then try to analyse it a little more.

Don’t worry no offence taken :ok_hand::ok_hand: I will keep trying with it, was really just hoping there was something I was missing.

Got there in the end!!


looks great, where did you render it? now you can give us a lecture on how you did it :wink:

Thanks, I used Keyshot for this render, I really like the results and speed.

Another way :slight_smile:


I`m always looking to learn something new. Have no idea how you arange the rings. Maybe you could upload a portion of the file?
Greets Jay

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knowledge is everyone’s
ejemplo.3dm (6.5 MB)

Thanks very much for sharing this file
Greets Jay