Bicycle chain plugin - food for rhino

looking for a plugin to generate a bicycle chain - any ideas?
searched food for rhino but no joy.

many thanks

what exactly should this :electric_plug: in be doing?

I’m thinking… flow along a curve for a bike chain?

yes, so maybe no need for a plugin then? or should it contain premodeled elements?
ArrayCrv might also work since these are stiff elements in a joint.

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Perhaps this old thread will give you some ideas?

ok sorry to ask again, seems simple but I not getting it…

want to flow chain along a curve…Chain.3dm (564.9 KB)

issue with chain, was a block. had to explode then group… what do you think?


Don’t forget that the curve length needs to be a multiple of the pitch.

you lost me Jeremy?

I was wanting to say that if you need the chain to join up into a loop, as on a bike, the length has to be a multiple of the distance between the connecting pins.

In the following picture the links are arrayed on two circles: the top one closes because the circumference is a multiple of the link pitch, the bottom one doesn’t, because the circumference isn’t a multiple.

(Although, strictly speaking, the length of the curve needs to be slightly more as the links form chords rather than lying on the curve. Making it hard to calculate…)