Chain physics

I’ve been creating this image using Blender + manual work and I like to know if someone knows if this is somehow doable in Grasshopper. Maybe @DanielPiker can advise if this is feasible in the first place.

To make it work (somewhat, after many exploding attemtps) I created this simplified model in blender:

after that I baked out the simulation, brought it back to Rhino and replaced the lower cluster of simplified chains with the correct model. Needless to say this is a tedious process and if somehow the client needs some change…(change to the chains, say that 50 times)
I attached the final chain link in Rhino 5 format in case someone wants to have a go at it.
edit: and the chain geometry: chain.3dm (123.1 KB) (17.8 KB)
Here’s how I would approach this - using line-line collision.
You could also output the frames of the rigid bodies, and then orient the actual geometry(which I think you forgot to attach in your post) to these (while keeping the geometry used for the collisions relatively simple).


thanks @DanielPiker I now attached the geometry. What I see in the file is only this, is that correct:

(I dion’t have mesh pipe so replaced it with something else)

edit: AH wait, now I see how it works, Thanks! (83.4 KB)
Here’s an example showing how you can map a more complex geometry to the curves

wow, that’s excellent, thanks!

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