Create a curve network surface from 5 edges

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a surface with 5 edges. The problem is that the created surface from curve network is not perfect…
Actually with the network surface command, I can’t make it work with 5 edges but 4 edges. I’ve tried with patch, wasn’t a success too …
See attached some pictures. If you have any idea to make this surface nice and proper, that would be great,

Thanks in advance !


![Capture d’écran 2022-01-01 à 21.12.59|690x431](upload://20


Take a look at the Help article for the command and you’ll see why your approach can’t work.

My guess is a better approach would be to make the 4 sided surface, then trim it with the bottom swoopy curve.

A basic feature of NURBS surfaces is all untrimmed NURBS surfaces have four sides. One, two or three sides can have zero length.

Where did the curves originate? Did you create the curves?

Post a .3dm file with your curves and someone may suggest how to create a surface using those curves. You can upload the file by clicking on the vertical arrow icon above where you type a post.

Hi David,

Thank you for you reply,
Yes, I’ve created the curves.

See attached the 3D file

Thanks all

curves.3dm (441.1 KB)

@user2855 There are numerous approaches to modeling surfaces. Which one are appropriate in a particular situation depends on the objectives of the model and associated constraints, and also on the knowledge and experience of the user.

How much experience do you have with Rhino?

What are you trying to model?

What information are you starting with?

Your curves have an area which will result in a surface with a kink in the area marked below.

@davidcockey ,

Difficult to say regarding my level but I’m using it for more than 8 years.
I’ve a friend who is a jeweler and he asked me to model a particular ring.
I’ve made it worked with the command “bend” but it wasn’t precise enough so I would to model it through network curve.

see attached screenshot + rhino file

![Capture d’écran 2022-01-02 à 12.42.15|690x431](upload://5W7
ring.3dm (753.7 KB)

Thanks in advance

The interior curves are complicating the surface and make it more difficult to achieve a fair, smooth surface. Get rid of the them.

See this post about two approaches to creating five sided surfaces. Five Side Surfaces - Two Approaches

I would use the trimmed surface approach. Create a set of four edge curves using the minimum number of control points possible. You may need to experiment with the shape of the edge curves. Your model in general could have many fewer control points. Use the edge curves to create an initial surface using EdgeSrf or Sweep2. Move control points to modify the shape if needed. Then trim that surface as desired.