Help with surface?

(Hans Henrik) #1

Have anyone some suggestions how to create a surface from these curves?
I would like to be able to nudge the surface via the points, since the curves are created with CurveThroughPoints and History.

But if thats not possible , I can probably manage otherwise…


BASQUAI.3dm (2.8 MB)


‘Curve Network’ command may help you here, you may have to select the curves individually


You can get it somewhere close by Lofting the horizontal curves and then finishing off by hand but I think you’ll struggle with it all in one go:



BASQUAI -.3dm (671.8 KB)


I’m interested to know how you closed the top end in a single surface…


(Hans Henrik) #7

sweet ! splitting the edge curve… and deselecting the parallel curve
Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Ah ha! I was caught out by the parallel curve you deselected, thanks for the video