Help with Surface Network

Hi, I am having trouble with the surface network tool. If anybody could help it would be great, I have been trying for hours to figure out what is wrong to no avail :slight_smile: I am uploading the file, It is a model of a mouse.

thankyou!!!3d mouse.3dm|attachment (3.6 MB)

3d mouse.3dm (3.6 MB)

I split and joined your curves a bit differently and was able to get a decent result.

3d mouse.3dm (393.4 KB)

Thanks alot!! I’ll try, I kept getting an - unable to use this curve network Do you know why it works your way?

The underlying geometry on an NURBS surface always has four sides. Think about NetworkSrf as a tool to create a deformed square where you are adding detail in two directions. These two directions are referred to as the U & V directions (red and blue in my screenshot). All curves in one direction must cross all curves in the other direction and cannot cross each other.

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