Looking for someone to make a script for blocks

Hi I am looking for someone to create a script that will take every single block in my model and produce 1 of each block in a specific orientation (or not) on 0,0,0.

If I have 30 blocks in my model and there are 10 copies of 3 blocks, this script should produce 3 blocks on 0,0,0.

Further, I would like to have another, similar script. That will take 1 block with many blocks inside of it, and produce the same thing. OR, maybe the first script is capable of doing this as well.

Please direct message or respond to this thread if interested.

Thank you!


Hello - Insert, typing in ‘W0’ as the insertion point, should get you that if I understand - is that the result you want but all at once?


I want a command that will take all of my blocks that I select and reproduce new copies of JUST ONE OF EACH (if there are duplicates) to the origin (or wherever) in a SPECIFIC orientation (or not)

in this image I have 3 block definitions:
2 copies of 1, 3 copies of 2, 4 copies of 3
9 blocks total

I want this command to take one copy of each one and put it somewhere.

preferably I would like to assign the orientation of a specific FACE to the z axis, if that makes sense? so it looks something roughly like this

Setting a usertext for rotation to the an object in the block enables this grasshopper definition. If that’s an option – requires elefront.

hi @zale_orcid,

You can try this script - it should do all mentioned above, depending on what settings you choose:
BlockDefinitions_Layout.rvb (5.7 KB)
(save on your HD, drag-and-drop into Rhino, then BlockDefinitions_Layout alias should autocomplete and run the script)



I will try this out asap and provide feedback, thank you so much